Kenting, for Taiwan, is just like what Miami is for the U.S.A. If you ask Taiwanese people where to go on a holiday, a lot of people will answer Kenting. The atmosphere in Kenting is just amazing, it is beautiful as well as relaxing.


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There are many things to do and many places you can visit there. For surfers or anyone who enjoys water sports, Kenting is definitely a good place to visit.


Where is Kenting located in Taiwan?

Kenting is located in the South of Taiwan. People usually think Kenting is a city, however, Kenting is actually a place in Hengchun Town and it is situated in Pintung County.


How to get to Kenting?

Since Kenting is located in the most southern point of Taiwan and there are no THRS or Railway directly to Kenting, many people traveling to Kenting must go through from Kaohsiung or Fangliao and even from Taitung.

So, there are four ways you can travel to Kenting from Kaohsiung with public transport

  • Take a Taiwan Trip Bus on THRS Xin Zuoying Station or Kaohsiung MRT HSR Zuoying Station.
  • Hop on a Bus from Kaohsiung Main station (nearby)
  • Take a Taxi or share car (taking a share car is illegal, please be aware)
  • Take a train to Fangliao train station and transfer bus to Kenting

If you come from Taitung, and unless you rent a car or private driver, public transport will not get you to Kenting directly, you will still need to transfer to another bus in Fangliao.

In addition, I mentioned before that I do not encourage you to rent a car or scooter in Taiwan, this is because you can easily get lost and confused, but it can also be dangerous to drive in Taiwan.

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how to get to kenting
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How to get around Kenting?

After you understand how to get to Kenting, let’s talk about how you can get around in Kenting.

Unfortunately, there are not many options to choose from, renting a bike or an electrical scooter (no need for a license) or taking a bus are the options people usually go for. You can also consider hiring a driver, but not many people do this, because it can be expensive.

If you are really keen to rent a scooter, I highly recommend you rent an electrical one. I have been to Kenting many times in my life and unfortunately, I saw many car accidents there.

Often this is because visitors do not know the traffic rules or they are driving without a license. The fine for driving a scooter without a license is NT $8000.

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When is the best time to travel to Kenting, Taiwan?

Kenting, just like Kaohsiung, is located in the tropical areas of Taiwan, therefore there isn’t a spring or autumn season. The best time to travel to Kenting is from the end of February to early December.

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During the winter period, Kenting can be very chilly, particularly with katabatic winds which usually happen between October to April.

The average temp year-round is around 26 year around.

Where to go to Kenting, Taiwan?

Kenting is a paradise for everyone of different age groups. Younger people usually do water sports and activities like that. Kenting is famous for its water sports, but there are a lot of other activities to do there as well.


National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium


In 2000, the National Museum Marine Biology & Aquarium opened in Kenting, Taiwan. There are four exhibitions in this aquarium, Waters of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion, Waters of the World and Whale Explorium.

photo by Chi-Hung Lin on Flickr

Except for the Wahle Explorium, the rest of the exhibitions have many small display rooms. The Whale Explorium is housed in a building that is in the shape of a Whale and is built with many solar energy panels.

photo by hong ming nan on Flickr

In Water of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion and Waters of the World you will see various sea creatures that live around Taiwan and around the world.

Coral Kingdom Pavilion is probably my favorite exhibition because they display different kinds of corals that grow in different environments, there is also an underwater tunnel which is something you should not miss.

photo by trixie tia on Flickr

What makes this Aquarium unique and famous is that visitors are able to stay the night. You can sleep on the group in from tanks with the sea creatures and go on night tours.


National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium :

  • Address : No. 2, Houwan Road, Checheng Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 944
  • Admission fee : Adult NT $450 | Student NT $250
  • Opening Hours :
    • Sep – Jun 9:00- 17:30 Daily
    • Jul & Aug (Weekend) 8:00 – 18:00 Daily
    • Jul & Aug (Weekday) 9:00 – 18:00 Daily

Kenting National Forest Recreation Area


Kenting National Forest Recreation Area opened in 1968, it is 435 hectares big and the elevation is between 200 – 300 meters; however, only 75 hectares are developed. Kenting National Forest Recreation Area has over a thousand different kinds of tropical species of plants as well as unique birds.

Kenting National Forest Recreation Area

Every August until the next spring many kinds of birds will fly over to spending their holiday in Kenting. Besides birds, plenty of species are growing there as well. During the Japanese colonization, the Japanese brought hundreds of species of plants, trees and flowers to Taiwan which you only will see in Kenting.

Kenting National Forest Recreation Area
photo by Haji on Flickr

What is feature of Kenting National Forest Recreation Area

Kenting National Forest Recreation Area is famous for the limestone landform and coral reefs. Due to the plate movement which happened 500 thousand years ago that caused the Uplifting of the Coral Reef Forest. Besides the uplifting coral reef, you are able to explore different kinds of natural occurrences, such as Silver Dragon Cave and Stalagmite Cave.

Kenting National Forest Recreation Area :

  • Address : No. 201, Gongyuan Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946
  • Admission fee :
    • Adult NT $100 (Weekday) | NT $150 (Weekend)
    • Student NT $75 | Child 3y-6y NT $10
  • Opening Hours : 8:00 – 17:00 Daily

Longpan Park


Longpan Park in my memories was a very big and mysterious place. Back in the early 2000’s I celebrated New Years there two times. People gathered together and waited for the first sunrise of the year.


See where else you can celebrate New Year in Taiwan, Taipei 101.

While people wait for the first sunrise, you will hear a very deep drum sounds. There are some events going on during these waiting periods. Listening to the most powerful sounds and amazing traditional aboriginal dance is really amazing.

If you are considering celebrating your new year in Kenting, Longpan is really a nice spot to go.

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What can you see in Longpan Park?

What makes Longpan Park different is its geographic topography.


Longpan Park is made up of a combination of Red dirt, limestone landform and grassland which makes it quite an interesting park. Also, the coral reef and limestone landform on the edge that were attacked by the ocean waves for a long time creates a slump scarp.

Longpan Park :

  • Address : Longpan Park, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan, 946
  • Admission fee : Free
  • Opening Hours : 24 hours

Eluanbi Lighthouse


Eluanbi Lighthouse is the highest icon in southern Taiwan. The town itself is 21.4 m (70 ft) and it was first built in 1881 and completed in 1883. Actually the history of Eluanbi Lighthouse is quite sad.

photo by Chi-Hung Lin on Flickr

The background of Eluanbi Lighthouse

In March 1897 a United Stated business ferry – Rover wrecked around this area. During the Qing period, the Qing Empire government did not look after Taiwan, basically, they let the people who lived in Taiwan (particularly Aboriginal groups) govern themselves.

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photo by sp Liang on Flickr

After the ship was wrecked, the aboriginal group that lived around the area, killed most of the surviving crew members including the captain and his wife. Only a few Chinese crew members survived and they ran to Takao (current day Kaohsiung) and reported to the Qing Empire government.

However, the Qing Empire government did not want to get involved with the Taiwanese aboriginal groups, so they ignored their message until the United States and Japanese governments asked Qing to respond.

In the old Taiwanese currency, you can see the Eluanbi Lighthouse on it. Now, Eluanbi Lighthouse is the most powerful lighthouse in Taiwan.

Eluanbi Lighthouse :

  • Address : No. 90, Dengta Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946
  • Admission fee : Adult NT $60
  • Opening Hours : Nov – Mar 9:00 – 17:00 | Apr – Oct 9:00 – 18:00 (Mon off)



Houbihu is the biggest harbor in the Kenting area, and there are many seafood restaurants and fish wholesalers nearby just like in Wushi Harbor in Yilan. Tourists go to Houbihu to enjoy the fresh seafood meal and walk around the harbor.


Houbihu is also the most successful harbor when it comes to protecting the ocean environment. It is forbidden to fish or catch sea creatures around this area, therefore snorkeling and diving is very popular there.

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photo by Hao-wei Hsu on Flickr

Things to do in Houbihu

If you are looking for a place to do snorkeling, I recommend Houbihu. Not only is the sea environment much better than other places, but also the ocean is more cleaner. Personally, Houbihu is my favorite place to do water activities because the water and environment is much cleaner.

photo by dennis on Flickr

Before heading to Houbihu harbor, you will pass by Taipower Exhibition Center in Southern Taiwan. This exhibition educates people on how humans can protect the ocean environment and generally have more respect for the ocean.

Besides the ocean environment displays, there is also an earthquake room where you can experience what an earthquake in Taiwan feels like. It is free entry, so if you have some spare time, maybe go to check it out.

Houbihu :

  • Address : Daguang Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946
  • Admission fee : Free
  • Opening Hours : 24 hrs

The most beautiful Beaches in Kenting


The beaches in Kenting are worth a visit because they are so amazing. Kenting is famous for its beach culture. It is kind of like traveling to Queensland or Florida, visitors often hang out at the beaches all day.


Beaches for sport activities

There are many beaches in Kenting and each beach looks slightly different. For water sport and other water activities, people usually go to South Bay (Nan-Wan Bay), Wanlitong, Chaunfan Rock, and Houbihu.

photo by dennis on Flickr

Not all the beaches in Kenting are suitable for water activities because they can be quite dangerous. There are usually signs that say which beaches are too dangerous; however, if you do not understand mandarin you might go to the wrong beach.

Therefore, it is important to do some research and plan what you want to do in advance. You can pick the water activities you like and they usually get package deals.


Beaches for relaxing

If you prefer relaxing at a beach and prefer to stay away from water activities, there are some places you can visit as well. For example, Baisha Bay or Manchu Beach (which is a bit far from the Kenting area), Little Bali Rock.


If you have been to any beach in Taiwan other than in Kenting, you probably will notice about the sand color is black.

There are different reasons that cause the sand to be black, for example, the sand in Cijin beach is a combination of clastic rock and quartz particles giving it that unique color.


Most beaches in Kenting, such as Baisha Bay, have white sand. This makes it very popular beach for tourists as well as Taiwanese people. The sand in this area is white because the ingredients of the sand are shells and coral reefs, white sand beaches in Taiwan are special.

Kenting Night Market


During the daytime, there are a lot of fun activities you can do in Kenting, such as surfing or Go-Karting and you may wonder is there anything to do and explore at night?

Do not worry, there is a street called Kenting Road that is located next to the Arch of Kenting National Forest Recreation Area, before you approach the street, you probably will be attracted by the lights and noises of the most popular night market in Kenting.


Not only tourists love hanging out here at night time, local young people like to hang out there as well.

Food in Kenting Night Market

In the Kenting Night Market, there are a lot of different cuisines from different countries and also local street food you can choose from. Most restaurants sell seafood, Thai cuisine or Western food, therefore if you prefer local food, try some street food in the market instead of going to a restaurant. Henchun’s local night market is also a good option, but it is a bit smaller and it only opens on Sundays.


Food is not the only thing you will see in the Kenting Night Market, it is just like other night markets in Taiwan. There are various stalls and shops you can visit, but what makes this night market different than others in Taiwan is you will also discover many shops sell things that are relevant to beaches such as swimming suits and water sport equipment.

Kenting Night Market is basically open every day, but if it is not the peak season, some stalls might not open. In general, during the holidays and weekends the market is bustlings with noise.

photo by MushGN on Wikipedia

If you want a chill place to enjoy the sea wave sounds, heading to the end of Kenting Night Market, which is in front of Howard hotel, there is a beach called ‘little bay beach’. Be aware, there are a lot of mosquitos during summer, so make sure you apply anti-mosquitos cream.

Kenting Night Market :

  • Address : Kending Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946
  • Opening Hours : depends on shops but usually open at 10 and stalls start at 16

Sheding Natural Park


Visiting Kenting Night Marketing is a lot of fun but it is not the only option for night activities. If you are wondering where else you can do and see, maybe you can consider Sheding Natural Park.

photo by Haji on Flickr

Sheding Natural Park is not far away from the entry to the Kenting National Forest Recreation Area. Sheding Natural park was founded in 2005 after the local people and government recognized the importance of the ecological environment.

They provide five different tours to choose from : Ebony Tree Tour, and day and night options for regular and deer watching tours.

photo by Joe Lo on Flickr

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see Mycena chlorophos after a rainy day, they usually show up during Jun to Sep.


Why do not travel alone there

It is recommended to join a tour instead of traveling alone, because it is dangerous to travel on your own since the park is very big and it is easy to get lost. Unfortunately, these tours are not in English, however, if you can understand Mandarin, you are more than welcome to join.

If you still want to join a tour then there is usually an English brochure explaining about the different trees, plants and creatures in the park.

Sheding Natural Park :

  • Address : No. 186-1, Shexing Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 946
  • Admission fee : Free | With a tour NT $300 – $500
  • Opening Hours : 8:00 – 17:00

Guanshan Sunset


Guanshan is located not far away from the center of Hengchun Township. According to CNN travel 2014 report, Guanshan Sunset was considering one of the top 12 best sunsets in the world.

Therefore, many visitors will spare one afternoon of their holiday to spend there to look at the amazing sunset.

photo by T&F S on Flickr

Since there is no public transport that will get you there, it keeps Guanshan away from the public. They are a few options you can use to get to Guanshan’s viewpoint from Hengchun center or Kenting.


How to get to Hengchun Guanshan?

The first is to take a bus to Hengchun (if you come from Kenting) and rent a bicycle there, it takes about 30 min (it may a bit of a challenge since it is quite hilly). The second option is to take a Taxi which might be a bit expensive. The third is to take a tour from a travel agency.

In Guanshan, you will enjoy the Kenting (Hengchun) Peninsula view and the sunset is incredibly beautiful. Looking at the sun going down to the ocean and the sky changing colors, pink, orange, purple and red. … I highly recommend if you are a fan of watching the sunset, not to miss this opportunity.

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photo by Ar Lit on Flickr

Note, there are two places called Guanshan in Taiwan, in Hengchun Township and one in Taitung, so while you google it, please make sure you google Hengchun Guanshan.

Guanshan Sunset :

  • Address : Guanshan, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan, 946
  • Admission fee : NT $100
  • Opening Hours : 9:00- 19:00



Tshiúnn-Koo is a traditional activity that is performed in two places in Taiwan, Hengchun Township and Toucheng Township in Yilan.


The activity requires teams to work together to climb pillars and reach the top where offering were placed. Nowadays, Tshiúnn-Koo is more recreational and the offerings were replaced by a flag.

photo by Outlookxp on wikipedia

It is not widely known where this activity originally came from; however, it is believed that climbing for the offerings allowed people who really needed them to make the extra effort and reach the top of the pillar.

Tshiúnn-Koo is quite an old tradition, however, it is not completely known how old it really is. From around WWII until the 1980s this tradition was suspended due to the Japanese occupation.

photo by Hao-wei Hsu on Flickr

Nowadays, not only Taiwanese people will participate in this activity but some foreigners will travel a long way to challenge themselves. If you travel to Kenting around 15th July (depending on the Lunar calendar, usually around Aug to Sep), you should consider checking it out.


Tshiúnn-koo :

  • Address : 2Q42+35 Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
  • Admission fee : Free
  • Held Date : 15th July (depending on the Lunar calendar, usually around Aug to Sep)

Conclusion :

Kenting is a fun and beautiful place to enjoy your holidays in Taiwan. These 10 places you should visit in Kenting are not even half of what there is to do there. It is an introduction to the beauty of Kenting because there are so many beautiful and lovely places there.

However, these places are the most iconic spots recommended for anyone who travels to Kenting for the first time. If you decide to travel around the south of Taiwan, please make sure to plan Kenting into your itinerary, you will not regret it.


Kenting, Taiwan FQA :

What Should Bring With You to Kenting?

Sunscreen, Swimming suit, Bikini, Small Carry Bag, Anti-mosquito Cream

When is the best time to travel to Kenting, Taiwan?

the end of February to early December

How to get to Kenting?

Taking a bus from Kaohsiung or share car. There is no directly train to Kenting.

How to get around Kenting?

Renting a bike or an electrical scooter (no need for a license) or taking a bus are the options people usually go for

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