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The begging of my Journey

Hi, My name is Tanja and I am from Taiwan. 

I have been a fiction story nerd since I can remember. When I was in senior high school I walked through the library, a certain book caught my attention, Around the World in 80 Days.

After I graduated from university, I went to Europe to work as an Au Pair and within 10 months I’ve been to 10 countries in Europe and after 5 years I have travelling to over 20 different countries.

In 2016 I came to Australia for my first year working holiday and after I met my partner which is the reason I settled in Melbourne. That’s the reason I called this blog Base in Melb. 

Since I live overseas and I recognise not many people have heard about Taiwan, even if they either assume Taiwan as Thailand or they misunderstood the difference between Taiwan and China. 

The mission and goal of Base in Melb is to inform more people about Taiwan and help them with information to travel to Taiwan someday. 

Taiwan is not a big country but it is a country that embraces differences.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles in Base in Melb and please let me know if you have any questions regards Taiwan. 

I will be happy to help. 


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